Hi Friends!

We’ve had some great feedback lately from our visitors so i thought i would share some of it with you;

  • The best thing about GreenWood is being able to let your children run free around the park knowing that they are in a safe environment to explore, have fun, use
    their imaginations, create things but most of all do what kids to best be kids
  • For me it is because it is not all fancy rides and gimmiks, it is good simple fun outdoors and that is why i love it.
  • The best thing about GreenWood is the look on the children’s faces when they arrive at the entrance,and which is still there when they leave! sheer pleasure,excitement,joy! amazing and it’s in wonderful Wales!
  • The best thing about GreenWood is that the whole family always have a fab day no matter what time of year you visit or what the weathers like.
  • A great day out for all the family. Excellent facilities and entertainment for all ages.
  • Great value for money! A full day of family fun! Even very little children can get a great experience from visiting this park. There are loads of rides and activities to do and all set in beautiful grounds with lovely views of the Snowdonian range.This is an outdoor attraction so I would only go when the weather is decent unless you want to be dragging wet, miserable kids around! This attraction gets the kids moving with action packed play areas, zip lines, barefoot walks, slides, eco dragon ride and much more! We took a packed lunch with us; there were plenty of places to sit and eat it. Toilet facilities were spotless.We will be returning!
  • Visited here yesterday with my 2 year old ( 3 next wk) and my 10 month old, excellent day out with lots to do for 2 yr old. Will be visiting again when boys are older.

 Bye for now,

Harley x