Green Days

Have fun whilst learning too!

Ever since we opened in 1993, being environmentally friendly has always been our mission. GreenWood Forest Park began as an education centre teaching people about nature and wildlife, and still likes to continue with this tradition today.

The owners and team are still passionate about being kind to nature and to this day, all the rides and activities require your energy to make them work, including the world famous people powered roller-coaster.

As well as the rides and activities there are many other ways that GreenWood try to minimize the negative effects on the environment. By offering guided tours in English and Welsh, children can learn about the different ways in which GreenWood Forest Park does this, from the rainwater harvesting system to how the Green Dragon Roller-coaster works.

Guided tours must be pre-booked. Each tour is limited to groups of 20 maximum. Cost £20.00 per group of 20.

For more information on guided tours, or to book a school trip call 01248 671493.