Challenging Fun

As well as providing plenty of adventurous things to do, at GreenWood Forest Park you’d expect a challenge or two to solve.

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NEW! The Magic Chair



The new attraction now open, will give children the opportunity to shrink their parents in a fabulous optical illusion!

The WildWEB

Get caught in the WildWEB! Can you climb up through the WEB right to the top?

The recently new activity, is a six metre tall double mast rope pyramid. Children will be enthralled by the challenge of climbing this exciting addition to the Park.

Test your problem solving abilities in Britain’s only boardwalk maze. Lying on the rainforest edge, the Crocodile Maze has willow cuttings dotted throughout.  Once fully grown, you’ll find it hard to see around the next corner. Will you bump into the crocodile? Find him at your own risk!

The Maze has been especially designed for assisted wheelchair access.

Crocodile Maze
Den Building

Could you survive in rugged country without the comforts of home? In GreenWood’s Den Building area, try your hand at constructing a shelter out of purely natural materials. What sort of shelter could you build from logs and fallen branches? How solid can you make it?

Pull yourself along the canal using ropes and just a paddle. You’ll need to work as a family and keep a look out for any jungle creatures that might be hiding in the trees!

Jungle Boats
Snowdon View Point

How far can you see? At Snowdon View Point, you’ll find a magnificent view of Wales’s largest mountain range. On a clear day you will easily see the highest mountain in Wales -Snowdon/ Yr Wyddfa.

Fancy your chances as a modern day Robin Hood? Under careful supervision, shoot a traditional longbow, just like the Welsh archers hundreds of years ago. Can you get a bull’s eye?

Long Bow Archery

For our other attractions and things to do; click here for our action adventure play or here for our live shows.